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Four COPLAC campuses, with generous support from the Teagle Foundation, have partnered to expand the range of curricular offerings and explore the educational value of sharing online and hybrid courses in the area of Native American Studies.

The shared courses in Native American Studies come from a variety of academic departments and programs. The participating institutions have built a multi-campus community of faculty expertise and practice, developing and sharing courses that expand curricular options on each campus, and offering students the opportunity to study under faculty experts in Native American Studies from other COPLAC campuses.

In addition to the online course component, enrolled students on each of the four campuses are mentored by home campus faculty members. This combination of online instruction and "on the ground" face-to-face advisement constitutes the unique hybrid nature of the course experience.

Students are invited to contact their faculty advisors in Native American Studies to learn more about the distance courses scheduled for spring and summer 2018.

Participating Campuses

Upcoming Courses

Summer 2018

Summer Field School: Indian Education Past and Present
Dr. Becca Gercken and Dr. Kevin Whalen, University of Minnesota Morris

Dates: May 20-June 1, 2018 on the campus of the University of Minnesota Morris

This two credit course offers students the opportunity to study the history of Indian residential schools and their ongoing legacy in the United States and Canada. Students will use indigenous literature, film, and historical texts to gain a comparative understanding of residential schools in North America; they will then produce public resource materials on the Indian residential school experience.

In addition to on-site work at what was once the Morris Industrial School for Indians, students will travel to the Sisseton-Wahpeton Reservation, near Lake Traverse, South Dakota, and to the White Earth Nation Reservation in Northern Minnesota, to learn about contemporary indigenous education.

Program costs are $1771 and include:

  • Room and Board at the University of Minnesota-Morris, transportation from Minneapolis airport to Morris campus, and ground transportation to off campus sites.

Additional costs include:

  • Registration fees at your home campus for a summer course.
  • Incidental meals while travelling to Sisseton-Wahpeton and White Earth.
  • Roundtrip Airfare to Minneapolis (the program can provide limited financial assistance for airfare. Check with your campus faculty representative.)