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Four COPLAC campuses, with generous support from the Teagle Foundation, have partnered to expand the range of curricular offerings and explore the educational value of sharing online and hybrid courses in the area of Native American Studies.

The shared courses in Native American Studies come from a variety of academic departments and programs. The participating institutions have built a multi-campus community of faculty expertise and practice, developing and sharing courses that expand curricular options on each campus, and offering students the opportunity to study under faculty experts in Native American Studies from other COPLAC campuses.

In addition to the online course component, enrolled students on each of the four campuses are mentored by home campus faculty members. This combination of online instruction and "on the ground" face-to-face advisement constitutes the unique hybrid nature of the course experience.

Students are invited to contact their faculty advisors in Native American Studies to learn more about the distance courses scheduled for spring and summer 2018.

Participating Campuses

Current Courses

Daniel Sims Headshot
Topics in Canadian History: Oral History

Daniel Sims, University of Alberta, Augustana Campus
Asynchronous online
This course considers oral traditions as aspects of broader, culturally-defined systems of knowledge, in which stories are vehicles for encoding and transmitting knowledge about the people, their culture, and their history. It focuses on new academic and community-based approaches, as well as the complementarity of oral traditions/Indigenous knowledge and Western science. Students will explore the evolving roles of oral traditions for contemporary Indigenous peoples.