Digital Liberal Arts “at a Distance”

COPLAC just received a generous grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to scale up its innovative multi-campus, team-taught digital liberal arts seminars.

The three-year project, named Digital Liberal Arts at a Distance, is part of an ongoing effort by COPLAC’s 29 member campuses to find constructive ways to pool resources and share faculty expertise while enriching our students’ interdisciplinary learning experiences, digital skills, and collaborative work habits.

Under the grant, faculty members, special collections librarians and instructional technologists from 24 COPLAC campuses will develop and launch up to 16 new digital liberal arts research seminars on topics in the humanities and humanistic social sciences.

Using distance and online technologies, student researchers will collaborate across campuses to build major digital projects available to the public on the web, and to develop research, production, and communications skills applicable to a wide variety of twenty-first century professions.

The project will foster interdisciplinarity, expand undergraduate research options on each campus, afford students the opportunity to study under digital scholars from a range of humanities and social science disciplines, and prepare them for careers where liberal arts thinking is essential.

*Photos contributed by COPLAC and the Century America project team. 

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