Racial Justice in the Public Liberal Arts

Racial Justice in the Public Liberal Arts

Higher education institutions across the United States are engaging with the Black Lives Matter movement and taking action to create more equitable campuses for Black and brown students. As high-quality, public liberal arts institutions, many COPLAC campuses are taking a close look at how they can identify and dismantle systemic racism in all of its forms at their institutions.

We are compiling recent pieces by COPLAC thought leaders, ways members are taking action, and resources for our community to continue to learn from and potentially adapt on their campuses and will continue to add to the list below.


COPLAC thought leaders share their experiences with systemic racism and insights on how we can confront oppression.

Taking Action

From establishing scholarships to organizing protests to renaming buildings, here are some examples of how COPLAC institutions are taking action to address systemic racism and make their campuses more welcoming to Black and brown students, faculty, and staff.


In an effort to educate communities, COPLAC campuses are compiling readings, trainings, and other resources to combat anti-black racism and promote equity through all areas of campus.

This is an ongoing resource page that we encourage COPLAC campuses to contribute additional content to by contacting info@coplac.org.

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