Below are links to available resources and data about COPLAC institutions. Some of these files require a password in order to access the information. To view the password protected files, please contact Claire Bailey at with your campus credentials and a request to view the files. If you created an account on the previous COPLAC website, please note that your password will no longer be accepted, as this is a new system.


COPLAC – The Evolution of a Vision

A pamphlet-length history of COPLAC, written by Sam Schuman, in .pdf format.


COPLAC Media/Press Kit Zip

  • Organization Overview
    • Mission Statement
    • Quick FAQs
    • Press contact
  • Member List (including President/Chancellor name)
  • Main logo
  • Promotional pictures (including headshot of the director)


The Password Protected Files

  • COPLAC Data Profiles
  • COPLAC Bylaws
  • COPLAC Strategic Plan
  • Different COPLAC Logos such as:
    • COPLAC
    • COPLAC Proud Member
    • Hybrid Course Sharing
    • COPLAC Digital